Who is behind BNLS Store?


The Who?

BNLS Store is a brand that was created by legal professionals, for legal professionals. BNLS stands for "Brooks Notary & Litigation Support", which is a small, virtual, document services company, based in California. BNLS was established back in 2013 by Pamala Brooks, a paralegal, notary public, and aspiring attorney.

The Why?

The goal of this shop is to cater to legal pros, like yourself. It might sound strange to think of a paralegal wearing a t-shirt that says "paralegal just sue it" because we are required by our profession to dress in business attire throughout the duration of our work week. Most of us love what we do so much, that we often lose ourselves in our work and it is very rare that we have the opportunity to dress-down and enjoy a casual wardrobe in our down-time. 

BNLS Store was created for you! It is for this reason that we offer legal themed home/office accents unique to you. The shop owner herself has an affinity for jeans, chuck taylor tennis shoes (in any color), and form-hugging t-shirts. Pamala searched for a brand that would speak to her, and with the exception of maybe 1 - 2 other brands, no one came close to providing what she needed.   

This is when Pamala decided to create her own brand, with themes that were befitting of legal professionals that shared her love of not only the profession that she has dedicated her life but also casual comfort and exclusivity. Current themes/collections include: Lawyer in Training, Paralegal Just Sue It, Notary Seal the Deal, and Coffee themed collections.
Why You Won’t Be Disappointed?
*The quality of our products are worth every penny, as each were hand-picked by Pamala herself;
*This brand is new, starting out in 2018
*This brand holds exclusivity and was solely created with you in mind
*No one else has this, anywhere, except you; should you decide to give us a try
*It feels great to have a brand that represents you and was created by someone just like you. 
Thank you for reading. We hope you are convinced to visit our shop. As a small thank you for reading to the end, please enjoy 15% off of your 1st purchase of anything in the store. Use code: BLOG1 at checkout. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the most out of your shopping cart on future purchases!
This entry was written by Pamala Brooks, an 11+ year paralegal that is on her 2nd commission as a notary public. Connect with Pamala on social media and get to know the person behind the brand. Feel free to visit our parent site: Brooks Notary & Litigation Support.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bnlsstore 

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  • Thank u for the much needed article, for a long time the legal pro’s, have had the stigma of being too dry witted, lacked emotions, this will surely give them a new outLOOK in society.


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