What's in your closet?

Who doesn't want to make a statement with what they're wearing? Pretty sure you have your own fashion preferences. If you're anything like me, you probably dress based on your mood. You know that you don't have to be a fashion expert to look good, and, I'm sure that you dress the way you do, based on your own, individual, idea of style. What's in my closet, you ask? Personally, an ideal wardrobe for me is a pair of high rise skinny jeans, a tank or form-hugging boyfriend tee, with a fresh pair of chucks (allstar/converse sneakers). 

paralegal just sue it

You're probably wondering, who's writing this; well, maybe not, but just in case you're curious, my name is Pam. I'm a mom, wife, and first time blogger. My professional titles include, paralegal, aspiring lawyer, and licensed notary public. Might look a bit strange for me to write about my favorite outfit, instead of something related to law.

To be honest, my love for the law, and my chucks, inspired me to create my own clothing brand. BNLS Store represents the combination of both, for me. We all like to dress down from time to time, and have our favorite go-to ensemble, outside of the office. Some go straight for the hoodie, while others go for their favorite t-shirt. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to do something a little different with these classics, all while still being relateable. 

 Paralegal themed hoodies and tees came to mind because, hey, I'm a paralegal that, up until now, had a hard time finding statement pieces that cater to people like me. The response to the slogan, "Paralegal Just Sue It" has been great, and the popularity of this collection, inspired me to create more. Next came the notary themes, lawyer in training themes, and even coffee themed merchandise; all of which have received such a warm welcome.  

I am just getting started, and hope that my paralegal brand continues to resonate. For your willingness to read this article, I'm offering you a special code for 15% off your purchase. Enter BLOG1 at checkout.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your thoughts and any feedback about this blog and/or your purchase.

Pam B.


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