Oldies But Goodies

There comes a time in a young store's life when a change must take place in order for it to grow. For BNLS Store, that time is now. Starting December 1, 2021, BNLS Store will be discontinuing much of our inventory to make way for new products. As such, that means many of our old favorites are going to no longer be available for purchase.

Instead, your favorite little shop that could, will be offering a new line, with a new look and feel for just for you. Here is a sample of some of the new merch that will be available on December 1st!

This line was specifically created to pay homage to the elegance and beauty of the type of women that inspire me to be great. With an emphasis on office decor and personalizing your home and work space, these new products are perfect for those looking to spruce up their office space.

They make perfect gifts and are available just in time for your Christmas shopping this year. It is recommended that you purchase your items by December 10, 2021, in order to prevent any delay this holiday season. Please remember that each item is made to order, and need a few days for shipping and processing.

Thank you for taking the time to read our new blog. The items sprinkled throughout the article are not published in the store, just yet. You are seeing it here first. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring you something new, for the new year!

This blog was written by Pamala Brooks, Owner and Founder of BNLS Store. Connect with via social media:

Facebook: @bnlsstore

Instagram: @bnlsstore

YouTube: Search BNLS Store 


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