Something Old, Something New, and a Discount

It's been a while since our last blog, but hey, we're back! We spent some time revamping the shop and updating the aesthetics to create a fresh new look. While in the process of beautifying the shop, we decided to discontinue a few items and announce two (2) new additions to the store. 

 **New ** Notary Women's Tee

Introducing our newly designed women's notary Tee! Cute right? The idea was to soften up the look of the graphic so that it was more appealing to the ladies. It seemed as if the fellas preferred the previous style, so we figured it was a good idea to give the ladies what they want.  

This tee is available in nine (9) colors, including red, royal blue, and black, to name a few. It is also available in sizes XS - 3XL. This tee is cut with a longer bodice, creating a slimming effect that will flatter any figure. Proudly collect signatures while wearing your new notary tee. Feel free to dress it up with a blazer or a cute sweater. The fellas still have the classic "Notary Seal the Deal" design for their tee.

The other new addition to the shop is our new and improved "Law" women's tee. We've dubbed it "Lady Justice," because we've incorporated a new sleek design adorned with the impression of Lady Justice balancing the scales of justice. She is positioned on the front, center of the chest of our slimming ladies tee.   

**New ** Lady Justice Tee

The fellas still have the classic "Law" spelled with a gavel. Lady Justice long-sleeve tee coming this fall when the weather cools down a bit 🥵.   

 Thank you for reading. We hope you will visit the shop and grab one of our tees to add to you collection. As an incentive for being so great, take 15% off your order. Simply use code "LAW15" to save a few bucks on anything from our Law collection or our Notary Collection.

This blog was written by Pamala Brooks, a 14+ year paralegal that is on her 3rd commission as a notary public. Connect with Pamala on social media and get to know the person behind the brand.

Feel free to visit our parent site: Brooks Notary & Litigation Support.

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