It's Time to Say Good Bye

Well, here we are. After almost two years, we are saying goodbye to our unique Coffee Time Collection, affectionately known as "Depresso" here at BNLS Store. Yeah, I know it sounds kind of morbid, but, Depresso was inspired by my many coffee-loving, caffeine reliant friends and loved ones who will sacrifice life, limb, and livelihood for that first sip of their favorite hot beverage. It doesn't help that I am the one in the group that makes t-shirts. The Depresso mug was bound to happen, with all that influence going on.

Being more of a tea enthusiast myself, I never really got into the coffee craze. I do however recognize the dire need for it and the mood change of people that don't get their coffee fix. From there, the slogan, "No Coffee = Depresso" was born. It might be weird to think that I am selling coffee themed gear, but I actually don't enjoy the taste of coffee. Though I never liked the taste, I do actually enjoy the smell. I know that might sound strange, but I've heard much worse. Some of my friends are reading this with jaws on the ground; well, maybe not, but there might at least be a raised eyebrow or two. 



If you've gotten this far into the blog, then I'm sure you're probably wondering why we're saying goodbye to the Coffee Time Collection. The easy answer is that it is more practical for BNLS Store to downsize a bit. We have a huge inventory, and we've determined that it is time to say goodbye and send Coffee Time to the chopping block first. 

For the time being, Coffee Time is still available at the shop, however, this will be the last weekend. Don't worry, I will be happy to create a special order for you in the event that you want to pick up your favorite coffee themed merch after this weekend is over. Feel free to email me: bnlsstore@gmail.com or DM me on IG or FB @bnlsstore. I thank you for taking the time to see what's going on with BNLS Store, and as a token of our appreciation, use code BLOG1 to receive 15% off anything in the store. Go ahead and save on the final days of Coffee Time/Depresso.

This entry was written by Pamala Brooks, a 12+ year paralegal that is on her 2nd commission as a notary public. Connect with Pamala on social media and get to know the person behind the brand.
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