Body Shaming or Nah?

There are so many cliché phrases of empowerment floating around, like, "love the skin you're in" or "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I'm curious though; do we really believe that, or do we just tell ourselves these things so we don't feel bad about ourselves? Maybe a little bit of both? I don't know, but, I ask because our social construct is fueled by certain fashions, beauty types, make-up techniques, and the ideal body image.


There is this constant narrative that beauty or attractiveness only applies to someone when they fit a certain mold. This mold can be the combination of a small waist, a symmetrically "pretty face", and a nice, sleek hair piece. Throw in some high-end apparel, and you have a winner! Instant icon. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this to trash anyone that falls into this category, unless they're the people that use their "beauty" as a crutch to get by, or to put others down. Yeah, you are trash. Garbage, g-a-r-b-a-r-g-e, garbage lol. But, the point I'm slowly making is that, I believe in the clichés, well, one of them at least.


We are all unique, and have different looks, personalities, and thoughts, that should be embraced and celebrated. I know, its hard because we feel the pressure to look like the Instagram models and the movie stars, just to fit in. But, we each have some quality, that no one else can offer. It's special, and it is just for you. My talent is legal writing and paperwork. I'm kind of a dork that way... and yes, I called myself a dork lol. I believe I am beautiful, and I have my own sense of style. I would be considered plus size, based on the social construct, and that is okay too. 


Yup, I said it is okay. Love yourself, where you are. If you want to change anything about yourself, make sure you are doing it for yourself. You don't have to dress like the models or movie stars. They hire stylists and professional glam teams to achieve the look that you beat yourself up over. Find what works for you. What fits your body type? Shop according to your body, not theirs. I do this, and I have incorporated apparel into my store that comfortably fits people like me. I'm a paralegal with a small gut, and, I love tank tops. I chose shirts like our paralegal or LIT tank tops because both are lose fit around the mid-section. They look great, are very comfortable, and fit perfectly around your belly. 

All that to say, "Nah, no body shaming here". 

This blog entry was written by Pamala Brooks, paralegal and notary public at Brooks Notary & Litigation Support. Connect with Pam via Facebook and Instagram.

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